The Terlon Apartments in Liverpool Offer High Class Retreats

The Terlon Apartments Liverpoool

“great in every way. perfect location, fine facilities and warm, welcoming staff”

When you first see the Terlon Apartments you cannot help but be gobsmacked by the interior. There is that clean, white finish you expect from an executive suite, except it is coupled with that exposed wood and comfortable splash of pattern here and there that feels nostalgic to those of us whose grandparents decorated in the 70’s. You know how granny’s house had multiple patterns? This aparthotel in Liverpool uses them sparingly enough to make you feel like home. 

This apartment is a managed property, rather than a hotel. FM Living is the boutique community and this apartment is managed by Terlon Apartments. The apartments are right in the middle of the city’s business and leisure sector. You can find live music and events within walking distance, as well as great restaurants, bars, and more. This isn’t just a pretty place you can come to stay; this is a friendly, welcoming apart-hotel which feels like home from the minute you enter the foyer. 


  • Where: Liverpool, England
  • When: September 2023.
  • Hotel: The Terlon.
  • Room Type:Studio.
  • Guests: 2 Adults
  • Board Type: Self Catering

Example Price*

1 nights £65 / 2 adults sharing =£32.50pp

  • Dates: 11th September – 12th September 2023

More Information

  • City view rooms
  • Private bathrooms
  • Kitchens and washing rooms.
  • 8.9 star rated for a two person trip.
  • Boutique community apartment.
  • Fully functional kitchen.
  • Basics like towels, linens, and free toiletries.
  • Soundproofing throughout
  • And that all-important socket near the bed which has now become a marked feature in hotel ads. Bit of a weird flex but OK. 
  • No smoking
  • Free WiFi
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Parking, but not free parking.
  • Airport shuttle service.
  • Security deposit of £50 pp.

For more information about this property and to browse availability and prices, check it out here


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*Any prices shown are correct at the time of posting and based on the examples shown