The Bus Stop – Luxury Double Decker

The Bus Stop – Luxury Double Decker

Fantastic place. Spotless, peaceful and unique. Perfect for a wee break from it all and the hot tub is awesome. Definitely going back. ✨

This luxurious double decker bus location is situated inside Haddington in England. Suitable for 6 guests placed across three separate bedrooms, this location is run by Airbnb Superhosts Balfour, Elaine, and Sandy. Though still early in its career, the Bus Stop has accumulated an impressive array of 5 star reviews. With four beds and a bathroom all in one opulent setting, this is a great Airbnb stay for families


  • Where: Haddington, UK
  • Sleeps: 6 People
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Pets: Yes
  • WiFi: Yes
  • Food & Drink: None

About the Bus Stop

The bus stop is one of the most innovative hand crafted Airbnb locations we have come across. Spend a night or two in a luxurious double decker bus, which comes complete with kitchen, bathroom, a fireplace, and a private back yard inclusive of a BBQ. Found near the friendly village of Gifford, the Bus Stop is situated onsite of a working farm.

The luxury features of this stay come in the form of a private hot tub, a glass ceiling so you can stargaze, and your own remote pond. You have a wood burning stove, open countryside, and a deck to enjoy in the evenings. 

We love this location for its originality and for its size. Who would have thought you could get a family of 6 in one double decker, with plenty of room to spare?  

More Information

  • 100% 5 star location rating at the time of writing
  • 4 beds for 6 guests and three bedrooms
  • Bathroom includes essentials like towels and soap
  • Washing machine available
  • A selection of children’s books and toys
  • Indoor fireplace – on a bus!
  • Free parking on location
  • These hosts allow pets
  • Wi-Fi
  • Kitchen Facilities
  • Private hot tub
  • Private patio
  • Coffeemaker, oven and all your home amenities

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A Bit About Airbnb

Airbnb are a huge name in multinational travel. They operate all over the world, with their western market particularly strong. Airbnb uses an innovative model that allows you to stay in someone’s house, rather than in a hotel or other accommodations. Sometimes the owner rents out a room and sometimes you have the whole property to yourself. No matter what happens, though, you stay with a local person who has in-depth knowledge of the local area.

Airbnb hosts work hard to earn 5 star reviews. This makes for an excellent experience, most of the time. Traveling with them means your local guide can pass on information to help you make the most of your trip. They can leave you the best takeaway menus from the area, gift you literature on local attractions, and even put together welcome packs for you.

Airbnb began in 2007 when two hosts in San Francisco rented out their properties. Since then, they have gone from strength to strength to become a worldwide guest hosting firm. Users can sign up to rent out space in their own homes or sign up as guests. A review process helps keep everyone aligned. 

Why Choose Airbnb

Traveling with Airbnb is a far more intimate experience than traveling and staying in hotels. Choices in accommodation range from high-end luxury to budget friendly. the locations offered span the entire world, with city breaks and country stays available. You can stay with Airbnb hosts here in the UK or you can stay with them when you travel abroad. 9 times out of 10, your experience will be more affordable than other accommodation might be.

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