Take a Short Break to The Cow Shed in Easton Farm Park

The Cow Shed

An absolutely beautiful location. My kids and I had a wonderful stay.✨

Fancy a staycation in Woodbridge this season? Spending your holidays at the Cow Shed: Daisy at Easton Park, is a great experience for all. This short break on a farm can fit 4 guests with one bedroom and pets are welcome to join for the visit. Here’s all you need to know about spending some time in a shed that looks like it is wearing a cow’s skin for your holiday.


  • Where: Easton, UK
  • Sleeps: 4 People
  • Bedrooms: 1
  • Pets: Yes
  • WiFi: Yes
  • Food & Drink: None

About the Cow Shed

When you stay at the cow shed, you have a unique sleeping experience. Situated in the heart of a cool, cow-themed campsite, this dwelling lets you rest your head near the famous Easton Farm Park in Woodbridge. There are animals to pet and play with, and they have a giant play barn. When you stay in Daisy, they even let you on the farm after hours to watch them do all the tedious tasks like feeding baby animals, milking, and mucking out.

What’s not to love? Unless, of course, you happen to be cow-phobic. 

More Information

  • Access to a garden with a park view 
  • Sleep up to 4 people
  • BBQ available for hire
  • The toilet block and showers are meters away
  • Onsite café and gift shop
  • Stay in a holiday park
  • Essential linens included
  • This deal includes Aircover, which gives protection against host cancellations
  • WiFi is included
  • Free parking on the premises
  • Access to the farm park included with your stay
  • Check-in after 4pm and out before 10am
  • No parties or events
  • No smoking

For more information about this property and to browse availability and prices, check it out here


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