Enjoy a Visit to the Conestoga Wagon Dude Ranch Near Las Vegas

Conestoga Wagon on Dude Ranch

My family had such a wonderful time!!! Who can say that they’ve spent the night in a covered wagon?! My kids just loved the whole experience. ✨

Fancy a trip out to America to experience the real-life wild west? This cool Airbnb deal lets you stay in a genuine covered caravan, sleeping under the stars on the edge of the desert. If you’ve always wanted a taste of the dusty cow-herding lifestyle, come sleep under the stars in Sandy Valley, Nevada. Here’s what’s on offer.


  • Where: Nevada, USA
  • Sleeps: 4 People
  • Bedrooms: 1
  • Pets: Yes
  • WiFi: No
  • Food & Drink: None

About the Wagon

This is an amazing deal for a holiday near Las Vegas. Situated in the aptly named Sandy Valley, this site is bordering the Nevada desert. The accommodation is one of those old-world carts, fashioned after the same ones that the first settlers brought west. They have the white stretched canvas covering which is entirely fine because they don’t have British weather.

Inside you will find a bedroom, and a bunk bed. Cooking facilities and washing facilities are outside, old-world style. The caravan is on a working ranch, so you get to see the cattle herders in action. 

You can book your next big break to the wild west right here with Lilly Likes. Follow this link to the Sandy Valley Ranch and select your dates. There is still wilderness to explore out there. You can even find you a horse.

More Information

  • Cart sleeps 4 with one bedroom and three beds
  • 1 bathroom per cart
  • Outside seating area plus firepit
  • Desert and mountain views
  • Working ranch
  • 1 queen bed, 1 bunk bed
  • Outdoor showering
  • Essentials like towels, sheets, and toilet paper
  • Air conditioning
  • 4.86 stars out of 5
  • Run by a super host
  • Comes with air cover, which protects against host cancellation or false advertising
  • Free parking onsite
  • Pets allowed
  • Check-in after 3pm
  • Check out before 12 noon
  • No smoking and no smoke alarms
  • Ranch workers leave at 7pm

For more information about this property and to browse availability and prices, check it out here


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