A City Stay at the BrewDog Dog House in Edinburgh

BrewDog Edinburgh

“The staff was remarkably friendly and welcoming. The design of the Doghouse is whimsical, charming, and unique. It was much more than a good, clean, spacious (two-level) room near Waverly Station; the experience was flat-out fun!”

How do you make a weekend away in Edinburgh even better than it should be? You book a stay with BrewDog. This is exactly what it sounds like. It is a hotel in the Old Town of Edinburgh (that’s the pretty part) that is run by the BrewDog beer company.

This Edinburgh hotel has its own on site bar, sits yards from the fabled ghosts of St. Mary’s Close, and comes with swanky rooms you will hardly believe. Here’s the lowdown.

The BrewDog hotel is just as epic as you think it is. It is the home of low lighting and brilliant colours, of chic style and bachelor-friendly living. It’s only 650 yards from the National Museum and has its own bar – duh! – downstairs. You can drink at the snack bar or you can go all out for the onsite restaurant. They also have room service, allow pets, and provide you with a 24 hour staffed desk. You can stoat in at 5am and nobody will bat an eyelid. Well… maybe to hit you with another beer.


  • Where: Edinburgh, Scotland
  • When: November 2022.
  • Hotel: BrewDog Hotel.
  • Room Type: Standard Suite
  • Guests: 2 Adults
  • Board Type: Breakfast

Example Price*

1 nights £195 / 2 adults sharing =£97.50pp

  • Dates: 1st November – 2nd November 2022

More Information

  • The BrewDog House in Edinburgh has iPad docking stations in all rooms
  • You receive breakfast
  • 9.7 stars out of a possible 10
  • Bed linen and towels included
  • Room service
  • Sun terrace
  • Live events in the evening
  • Pet friendly
  • Onsite Bar
  • Manned front desk 24 hours
  • Free WiFi
  • Non smoking
  • Not the best hotel for kids
  • No parking

For more information about this property and to browse availability and prices, check it out here


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