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Grow Your Own Large Christmas Elf

Gone are the days of the traditional baby in a manger, help the kids to hatch a plan to create the most festive of nativity scenes, adding some of Santa’s little helpers to the mix.

Living Social are offering you a grow your own large Christmas elf for just £6.99 , saving you 59% from Bargains 4 Ever’s price of £17 (correct as of 3.10.17).


Treat your little gremlins to their very own ‘hatch your own Christmas elf’, simply place the egg in water, and watch with anticipation as cracks begin to appear! In just 48 hours the little elf will come to life! Do not be alarmed, we are pretty sure… that these cute little elves will not be the making of the next film-fad, where an army of multiplying creatures wreak havoc with your Christmas festivities. However, we implore you not to feed them after midnight!



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