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100 Nespresso-Compatible Coffee & Hot Chocolate Capsules – £11.99 Save 45%

262688-iphone-promo (1)If you can’t espresso yourself properly until you’ve had your caffeine kick, then you’re sure to like today’s brew-tiful deal a-latte

Living Social are offering you 100 Nespresso-compatible capsules in 10 flavours for just £11.99, or 200 capsules for just £22.99 saving you at least 45% off Fine Coffee Club’s prices (correct as of 6.7.17).



  • Get your hands on 100 coffee and delicious hot chocolate pods.
  • Or upgrade to 200 capsules!
  • Compatible with Nespresso coffee-making machines.
  • In 10 carefully selected rich blends.
  • With 10 capsules of each fragrant flavour.
  • Perfect for your morning caffeine hit!


Don’t be a mug, grab today’s deal and pour yourself a cup of delicious coffee. With today’s deal, you’ll get yourself 100 or 200 Nespresso-compatible capsules in a range of fragrant and rich flavours, so you can just pop them in your Nespresso machine and enjoy. Perfect for your morning caffeine hit, or to help you thought those long working hours, you’ll sip on 10 pods of each of the following roasts:

    • Intense

High-altitude Arabica beans from Brazil, Guatemala and Columbia meet those of Vietnamese Robusta for a bold, flavourful espresso. Recommended for ristrettos, with a strength rating of 11.

    • Caramel

A sweet and decadent caramel flavoured coffee, perfect when poured through frothed milk. Recommended for macchiatos, with a strength rating of 6.

    • Hazelnut

Deep toasted hazelnut flavours complement rich roasted coffee, blending perfectly with warmed milk for a coffee-shop style experience. Recommended for lattes, with a strength rating of 6.

    • Light Roast

Consisting of the finest beans from Columbia, Costa Rica and Africa, this fruity blend is mild, easy drinking and softly rounded. Recommended for lattes, with a strength rating of 5.

    • Decaffeinated

This delicate roast preserves the full-body of these premium decaffeinated Colombian Arabica beans, bringing out a subtle wine-like flavour. Recommended for after dinner, with a strength rating of 8.

  • Dark Roast Lungo

Best enjoyed as a longer shot, this hand-selected coffee from South America and Africa has a full-bodied intensity and a lasting, rich flavour. Recommended for americanos, with a strength rating of 8.

  • Hot Chocolate

A delicious, creamy chocolate drink up there with the best of them.

  • Guatemalan

Guatemala’s rich volcanic earth has produced this rich Arabica with many layered flavours. Darkly roasted, with a medium body, bright acidity, floral aromas and dark fruit flavours, leaving you with a clean lingering after taste. Recommended for americanos, with a strangth rating of 7.

    • Kenyan AA

The star of the show -our finest Kenyan AA Arabica produces a coffee with a good full body, light acidity and the winey flavours characteristic of this sought-after coffee. Recommended for americanos, with a strength rating of 6.

    • Rwandan

Our 100% single origin Rwandan coffee has a full body and strong acidity. This coffee is rich and smoky, there are brown sugar and bittersweet dark chocolate flavours alongside the black tea note that is characteristic of Rwandan coffees. Recommended for americanos, with a strength rating of 8.




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