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Save 65%!! Oral-B Smart Series 6500 Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush Powered by Braun

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  • The first of its kind intelligent electric toothbrush from the #1 Dentist recommended brand worldwide
  • Provides real-time feedback as you brush and automatically reduces the speed if brush too hard
  • Round head cleans better to remove up to 4x more plaque along the gumline*, whiten teeth**, and improve gum health *vs a regular manual toothbrush, ** whitens by removing surface stains
  • Contents: One Bluetooth connected handle, four brush heads, travel case, charger refill holder and wireless smart guide, Six modes including deep clean, whitening and sensitive. Ships with a two pin plug
  • Quick Guide


Customer Reviews
Cleans teeth really well, range of modes which match the supplied heads. I like the digital clock but the blutoorh is a bit of a waste of time. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and have noticed a massive difference compared to manual brushing. My teeth not only feel cleaner but are gettting whiter! If you are hesitant on deciding whether to pay £80 for this toothbrush I would recommend it. However my partner has the oral b pro 4000 and it does the same job but has one less mode and fewer heads included. You are just paying extra for the travel case, digital clock, additional whitening mode and extra toothbrush heads. However, given this has a more sturdy design which fees great I would lean towards buying this as it feels like it’s made to last! The battery life is amazing. Lasting on average six days brushing twice a day for 3-4 minutes. Overall, I would urge you to switch on the basis that this is an excellent premium toothbrush which should last for many years to come. You won’t regret this purchase.
This brush is pretty hardcore, I’m not going to lie. I mean bluetooth. BLUETOOTH on an instrument you use to brush your teeth. Who would’ve thought?

In itself, it’s got the standard Braun quality (well built, functional) that you’d expect. The modes it has are nice too – ‘deep clean’ for when you’ve got a minute extra at the weekend to spend on those good old teeth you take for granted as you innocently munch your toast (or breakfast bar) in the morning. Tongue cleaning slows the brush down a bit so its a bit more pleasant. Gum massages are a bit of a grey area (not actually grey, otherwise you have a problem) – I personally don’t like the sensation but each to their own. The included heads are plentiful – allowing you to try each style before spending some of your hard earned pounds on some heads. Personally, the floss action ones and the 3D clean ones are my favourites.

Moving on to the Bluetooth aspect. Erm. Gizmo. Simple as that – although the PDF reports you get on your phone are nice to show your dentist in a ‘Look at me, I take oral health SO SERIOUSLY I have a PDF to prove it’. Nice way to show off, but, erm.

The little timer thing (with a rather scary smile and melodramatic frown) is a nice touch. I can now assess how late I am in getting to university before I even put toothpaste on the brush and regret those extra ten minutes in bed. Excellent.

Good quality brush. Perfect if you know someone whose idea of progress is having a toaster with in-built WiFi (or, if like, you like the idea of some 802.11ac toasted Kingsmill). iPhone as an alarm clock, some wireless toast and bluetooth toothbrush. Don’t forget Citymapper!


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